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Hi Trinketeers!

Well I've finally managed to get them to take down the old site, which kept selling non-existent stock to disappointed folk - sorry about that! It's taken around 14 months of wrangling between various providers *rolls eyes*

Hopefully I'll get a proper website up and running soon, but for now, please drop by my Facebook page
Twisted Trinkets, which has all the latest news in the world of Trinketry.

Depending on your online venue shopping preference, you'll find our online stores here:



Rebels Market


  Chainmaille, Elf Ear Tips, the Tree of Life collection, wired works of wonder, beaded spiders & scorpions abound. Thanks for your continued support.

Keep an eye out for us in 2013 - bigger & badder than ever!

All the best,

Louise x

Home Sweet Home